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Record Carnival podcast with Theatre Fullstop

15 May 2017

Theatre Fullstop will celebrate turning 4 on the 14th July , and with this, look to expand the projects they currently organise. This August, Theatre Fullstop will be introducing the ‘Theatrefullstop presents… Carnival’ podcast.

The streets of Notting Hill take on the rhythms of the Caribbean as Europe’s largest party; Notting Hill Carnival unapologetically livens up the capital. In celebration of this year’s carnival taking place on Sunday 27th and Monday 28th August, Theatrefullstop will create an hour-long podcast featuring works focusing on Caribbean and African culture.

Theatre Fullstop is currently on the look out for spoken word pieces, songs, short plays, monologues, musical compositions and anything else that you can think of that can be recorded.

Please send your idea with supporting evidence and a short explanation as to why you’d like to take part in the first Theatrefullstop Carnival Podcast to Lucy [email protected]

Deadline is Friday 27th June. Recording date is yet to be confirmed.