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Developing work with Refugees. Free seminar, Bristol

19 January 2017


Friday 24 February 1.30pm  - 4.30pm at the actacentre in Bristol, BS3 3AY

Panel to include: Shahina Johnson, CEO & Artistic Director Create Studios Swindon and Neil Beddow, Artistic Director acta Community Theatre.

At the beginning of acta’s REACT project to develop community theatre with refugees across Europe, this seminar provides a gathering point for people interested in community arts with refugees – what can we do here in Bristol; what can we learn from existing community arts with refugees; what are the next stories to be told; how do we bring people together to share and create; what do we want to achieve; ethical considerations?

Building on arts sector conversations about the creative case for diversity and the business case, this seminar provides an opportunity to discuss the humanitarian case.

acta’s free open access quarterly seminar programme provides opportunites to get together to discuss a range of issues currently facing community arts practitioners. Seminars are attended by acta staff, volunteers and participants; academics and students; experienced practitioners from across the sectors of community theatre and community arts; and people interested in learning more.

The seminars are part of the acta programme funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

If you would like more information about the event, or would like to book a place, please email [email protected]

REACT - project summary

During the first year, the three REACT partners from Bristol, Rotterdam and Palermo will be engaged in a process of discussion and deliberation about the nature of their different models, and will be extending the dialogue with community arts practitioners, refugee agencies and local community organisations. This learning will take place in the context of the partners developing new community theatre opportunities with refugees in each of the three cities.

The second year of the project is very much focussed on how the learning from year one can be used to improve models of practice, and to involve more European agencies and companies in considering the uses of Community Theatre in the improvement of Refugee Integration. This will be achieved through the four day REACT sharing event in March 2018, where agencies and theatre makers from across Europe will gather in Bristol to share the learning of the partners, and contribute their own perspectives to this learning. This event will be a high-profile opportunity to promote the central ideas of Community Theatre techniques, and will examine and develop models for successful delivery of refugee integration. This learning will be captured and presented in a documentary film, an online guide and a published book which will be widely disseminated by the partners.