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British Council Connect - Creative Open Call!

30 June 2016

The British Council are seeking original and adventurous artistic project proposals, which tell and share the story of contemporary South Africa and the UK, culminating in high quality live, or digital performance, showcase or other public facing events, to form part of the British Council Connect ZA Arts Programme 2016/17.

This creative call is open to partners who have not previously had projects included in the British Council Connect ZA Arts Programme, and although it is not as extensive in scale as the previous SA UK Seasons open call, they hope to expand the creative landscape on both sides through investment and support of new partnerships.

They are looking for a strong mix of projects that may be a combination of more than one art form, but are particularly interested in projects from the sectors of live performance, visual art and from creative institutions. Applications are also encouraged from women or for the focus of the content to be aimed at women, who are currently underrepresented in the creative industries.

Projects must be:

  • Devised for the 18–35 audience demographic (the British Council do not work with under 18’s in the arts)
  • Able to engage and extend reach across multiple digital platforms (such as; social media, online engagement, the use of tech or digital content)
  • Designed for a contemporary urban context and audience
  • A first time collaborator with British Council Connect ZA – accessing new partners, new projects, new places (previous lead partner organisations cannot apply)
  • Collaborative and mutually beneficial - to artists, participants and audiences in both countries (projects should involve partners from SA and UK)

Three creative categories are available, supporting the British Council’s themes and ambitions of developing:

1. People to People: New Partners

Amount: up to £3500 GBP

2. Practice to Practice: New Projects

Amount: up to £7,500 GBP

3. Place to Place: New Spaces

Amount: up to £15,000 GBP


To apply, please click here.

Applications close 18th July 2016.