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BBC Writers Room Opportunity

24 March 2016

The BBC Writersroom and Drama Production is running a BBC Doctors Shadow Scheme from the 5 July 2016 and are currently accepting script submissions.

To apply – an original full-length script, CV AND a pitch for a Doctors guest A story (up to 500 words) by 5pm on Monday 18 April 2016. 

Your guest story should feature one of the regular Doctors characters as well as a maximum of three guest characters.  The story should revolve around human dilemma and jeopardy rather than focus on being a medical story. Your idea needs to be a self-contained story that happens over one day only.  We have attached a detailed example submitted by one of our more experienced Doctors writers. We would like you to write your own shorter pitch for a Doctors guest story, up to a maximum of 500 words.

We’re considering writers who know the show, are passionate about it and are eager to show that they can write for it.

There are 5 places. We will be shortlisting 12 writers for the scheme, and will ask those shortlisted to write a scene for Doctors using existing serial.

The Scheme is open to writers of all levels of experience. We would also like to encourage black and ethnic minority groups to apply.

The Shadow Scheme will run like this:

Each writer will have a dedicated Script Editor from the show. The Shadow Scheme will last 6 months.

The 5 selected writers will be expected to submit two story ideas and take one of these ideas on to write 2 drafts of a trial script.  Doctors will read the trial script and two more story ideas from the writer.  The show will then decide whether the writer will get a commission.  If the writer is successful with the trial process, they will be guaranteed a commission within the year, subject to a story idea being accepted.

We will start the Shadow Scheme with three days of training at Doctors base in in Birmingham, there will be more training throughout the duration of the scheme – dates to be confirmed.

Tuesday 5th July - Thursday 7th July 2016 - to include writers’ workshops, lectures and exercises on storytelling and the show format. Expenses for travel and accommodation will be paid. The writers will have a formal induction on the show, including a set tour, and then they’ll be taken through the script development process.

Please submit via the Writersroom E-Submissions System 

Find out more here.